Yes.  CloudMonix has a number of features for consulting organizations that need to support multiple customers.  Clicking on the account name underneath CloudMonix logo in the upper left corner will yield a slide-out tab that allows for defining or switch between other CloudMonix accounts.

  • CloudMonix users can add/manage multiple CloudMonix accounts within the same billing subscription and within the same UI.
  • CloudMonix users can keep their CloudMonix accounts separate and delegate only certain users to certain accounts
  • In case an SI has a number of customers who manage their own CloudMonix subscriptions, SI's consultant's single CloudMonix account can be assigned to multiple distinct customers CloudMonix accounts.
  • Basically, CloudMonix Billing Subscription can contain multiple CloudMonix accounts.  While CloudMonix accounts and CloudMonix users are in a "many-to-many" relationship.
  • More white-label features are forthcoming