Freshdesk is a popular cloud-based customer-service platform (helpdesk).

CloudMonix integrates with Freshdesk by publishing and resolving service desk tickets when notifications are raised by its monitoring and automation system.  Just like with other types of notifications in CloudMonix, you are able to control what resources, resource groups and minimum severities are sent notifications as tickets to Freshdesk.

CloudMonix will publish alerts as tickets to Freshdesk.  It will also publish errors from executing Actions as tickets to Freshdesk.  When alert condition is no longer true, CloudMonix will automatically resolve Freshdesk ticket.

CloudMonix uses the "from" email address to tag tickets it generates.  These request addresses represent a link between Freshdesk and CloudMonix.  If a ticket's original is changed, CloudMonix will no longer be able to resolve the ticket properly.

Three general steps to integrate CloudMonix with Freshdesk

  1. Get an API key from Freshdesk for CloudMonix to use
  2. Setup a new Integration definition in CloudMonix to Freshdesk
  3. Tell CloudMonix which notifications should be sent to Freshdesk

Detailed steps to integrate CloudMonix with Freshdesk

  • Navigate and log into Freshdesk website, click on the Profile Settings option under your currently logged in user and copy the API key for future paste into CloudMonix

  • Now, navigate to CloudMonix and find Integrations screen under Account Settings
  • Click on Freshdesk integration and setup a new Freshdesk integration
  • Provide the name for integration, Freshdesk company subdomain, and API key. Freshdesk subdomain can be retrieved from from your Freshdesk URL.  It is masked in the format of https://{sub-domain}.freshdesk.com

  • Press Test button to ensure that a test ticket successfully publishes to Freshdesk. In the main Dashboard in the Recent Activity window, you should see the recently opened ticket. CloudMonix will test the full lifecycle of the ticket, i.e. it'll open a new ticket with notification details, then send a reply to it on your behalf and finally resolve it. Make sure to verify that behaviour on the Dashboard screen, or look for recently closed tickets.


  • Now, the last step is to tell CloudMonix what notifications, from what resources need to be published to Freshdesk
  • Navigate to Notifications screen under Account Settings in CloudMonix and create a new notification rule that sends notifications from resources to your newly defined Freshdesk Integration.  Learn more about Notification Management here.