Slack is a chat tool for teams and organizations.

CloudMonix integrates with Slack by pushing notifications to any Slack channel.  Just like with other types of notifications, you are able to control what resources, resource groups and mininum severities are sent to what particular Slack channel.

Three general steps to integrate CloudMonix with Slack

  1. Create an auth URL in Slack that CloudMonix can post to 
  2. Setup a new Integration definition in CloudMonix to Slack
  3. Tell CloudMonix which notifications should be sent to Slack

Detailed steps to integrate CloudMonix with Slack

  • Navigate and login to Slack website, click on Configure Integrations, scroll down to Incoming Webhooks and click on View.  Shortcut URL to this screen is https://<your-organization-name>.slack.com/services/new/incoming-webhook
  • Create a new Incoming Webhook for a particular channel you want to publish CloudMonix notifications to and save it for future paste into CloudMonix
  • Navigate to CloudMonix and find Integrations screen under Account Settings
  • Click on Slack integration and add a new Channel
  • Enter Slack Channel name and provide the previously saved Webhook URL as a credential.
  • Press Test button to ensure that a test message successfully publishes to your channel
  • Repeat this process if you have more channels that need to receive CloudMonix notifications
  • Now, the last step is to tell CloudMonix what notifications, from what resources need to be published to what particular Slack channels
  • Navigate to Notifications screen under Account Settings in CloudMonix and create new notification rule(s) that send notifications from monitored resources to your newly defined integrated Slack channels.  Learn more about Notification Management here