HipChat is a Web service for internal/private chat and instant messaging.

CloudMonix integrates with HipChat by pushing notifications to any HipChat channel. Just like with other types of notifications, you are able to control what resources, resource groups and minimum severities are sent to the particular HipChat channel.

Three general steps to integrate CloudMonix with HipChat

  1. Set up a new custom Integration in HipChat

  2. Set up a new Integration definition in CloudMonix to HipChat

  3. Tell CloudMonix which notifications should be sent to HipChat

Detailed steps to integrate CloudMonix with HipChat

  • Navigate and login to Hipchat website.

  • Select or create a room to which CloudMonix will post notifications.

  • Go to the room. In the top right corner click the Room actions button (icon with three dots [...]). From the dropdown select Integrations.


  • Make sure that the room you want to use for integration is selected in the dropdown in the top left corner. Then click Build your own integration.

  • Copy room name, room id and authorization token. Room id and token are provided in the URL: https://api.hipchat.com/v2/room/{room_id}/notification?auth_token={token}


  • In CloudMonix open the HipChat integration dialog (Account Settings > Integrations > HipChat).

  • Enter the saved room name, room number and auth token in the HipChat integration configuration dialog.

  • Press Test button to ensure that a test message successfully published message to your channel. You should see a new message in the channel.


  • In the Notifications screen (Account Settings > Notifications) create a new rule for sending notifications from CloudMonix to HipChat. Decide what information will be posted to HipChat by adjusting the Minimum Severity value and optionally disabling sending certain types of notifications in the Do not Send section. Learn more about Notification Management here.