Reboots can happen due to OS update, server crash, or due to user error.  Since CloudMonix checks for outages once per minute, it may not detect an outage in a server if the server is recovered quickly enough.  Sure way to get alerted on a server reboot is to inspect the value of System Uptime performance counter.  It resets to 0 every time the server reboots.

  • Steps to get alerted when a server reboots are as follows (this works for any Windows-based server for which CloudMonix can track performance counters)
  • Capture system uptime metric by tracking a new WindowsPerformanceCounter with PerformanceCounter Category System and Counter System Up Time
  • Setup a new alert that checks when Uptime is less than 10 minutes/600seconds (or longer if a particular server takes a long time to startup)
  • When Uptime metric shows up on dashboards and starts "skewing" the look of data due to always increasing, it may be beneficial to hide it by un-selecting it from the dashboard

Setup of Uptime metric

Setup of alert that warns of server reboot