User Management

User Management screen allows administrators to invite, remove and manage users within CloudMonix subscription.  It maybe important to understand the basics of CloudMonix Subscription, Account, and User relationships.  This is especially important for Managed Service Providers, consultants, and other entities that will have multiple Accounts within the same subscription. Learn more here.


Five tiers of permissions are supported in order to allow only particular individuals access to particular information and abilities

Level  Claim Permission Explanation
Subscription-level Management None User cannot add/remove Accounts from an existing Subscription

  Read Same as None, user cannot add/remove Accounts from an existing Subscription

  Modify User can add/remove Accounts in an existing Subscription

Users None User cannot see or control User Management screen, thus cannot invite/remove users in a CloudMonix subscription

  Read User can see the user list, but cannot change any data on the User Management screen

  Modify User can see User Management screen, can invite and remove other users from the system

Billing None User cannot see the Billing screen

  Read User can see the Billing screen, but cannot change its information.  User can-not also access the Payment portal

  Modify User can see and change the Billing screen and can access the Payment portal
Account-level  Access Unchecked User cannot see the account within subscription and is not aware of its presence
    Checked  User can see the account within the subscription and can at least access its Dashboards and reports 



User can access account's dashboards and reports, but can not see any configuration screens and dialogs, including credential vault, templates, notification policies, etc.

Read User can access account's dashboards and reports, can see but cannot change any configuration screens and dialogs

Modify User has full control to change any configuration data within the specific account, such as connection information, credential vault, notification policies, etc.

Invitation to join

New users can be invited to join via green Add New button.  It is important to understand ramifications of an invite

  • Anyone who receives the invite link can join your account.  Treat the invite link with security.  It is designed to expire within 24hrs
  • Invited users, who already have an existing CloudMonix account (perhaps consultants who support multiple customers), can simply login with their existing credentials to join a new invitation.
  • It is important that invited users follow the link properly and do not steer outside of the invite path.  Creation of a new user account without using the proper invite link simply opens a new trial subscription and creates confusion later on


  • Email is sent to all users within CloudMonix account when a user is invited to join it
  • Invites that are not yet accepted can be removed at any time