Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Templates by type
  • Editing of a template
  • Pushing configuration changes to resources


Template Management screen allows for tweaking existing resource configuration changes and pushing changes from these templates down to monitored resources within CloudMonix account.  Templates are used when configuring new resources and can serve as a starting point for monitoring profiles.

Templates by type

Template Management screen displays a list of previously saved templates, grouped by resource type.  In order for a template to be created, a specific resource's configuration needs to be 'Saved as Template" from the resource monitoring dialog.

Users can 'Edit' a resource template to change certain settings of a template and to 'push' the changes from a template to other resources.

Users can also 'Remove' a resource template if it is no longer needed

Editing of a Template

When editing a template, keep in mind that configuration screns are displayed without a context of a specific resource, thus certain metrics and actions cannot be properly described. It is why users cannot change the underlying definitions of metrics or actions inside a template, only other parameters.  In order to change udnerlying definition of a specific metric in a dashboard, the template needs to be saved from a specific resource.

Editing of a template allows for changes to alert conditions, action conditions, severities, etc.

Pushing Changes

It is possible to push individual changes from a template to a number of resources in a monitored account.  It is also possible to fully synchronize a monitored template with number of resources in the monitored account.

Pushing of an individual metric, alert, action, and scaling activity can be done thru the associated "push" button, as displayed in the screenshot below (1)

Pushing of a full template to a number of other resources can be done thru the "Push" button on the bottom of Template Edit dialog, as displayed in the screenshot below (2)