Credential Vault is a special area within CloudMonix that allows for management of various credential information.  During monitoring, CloudMonix needs to connect to or import data from various resources that may require secure credentials to connect.  Credential Vault manages storage of these credentials, visualizes what credentials are stored within CloudMonix and allows users to share the same set of credentials across multiple resources within the same CloudMonix account.

** Credentials in CloudMonix are always encrypted at rest and at transfer.  Once entered, they are not retrievable and can only be overriden or deleted. Access to decryption keys of credential vault is strictly guarded and restricted within Netreo's team only to highest levels of personel.  Learn more about security precautions taken here.

Credentials in CloudMonix are categorized by various types.  Most are of a username/password or key/secret variety.  Some credential types that CloudMonix can store are of key/certificate variety, such as Azure Management certificates, PFX certificates, etc.  Certificate-based credentials allow download of their public-key only.