Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Basic Information
  • Agent Keys
  • Account Settings Backup


Account Information screen allows users to customize their account name, view or reset keys for CloudMonix Diagnostics Agent, or make a backup of their account's monitoring configuration

Basic Information

Generally, in a CloudMonix subscription, users can configure/setup multiple CloudMonix Accounts.  Learn about relationships between CloudMonix Subscription and Account here.  Account Information screen allows for customizing Account name.  Generally, there are no restrictions on what Account name can be.  Many users find it useful to create separate accounts for their different environments or in case of consulting organizations and MSPs, for their different customers

Data Center - shows monitoring region, from which CloudMonix performs its monitoring operations and in which it stores it collected performance and log data.  Changing of Data Center can currently be done via a support ticket.

Account ID - is useful when needing to manually configure CloudMonix diagnostic agents (usually not required).  Account ID cannot be changed.

Agent Keys

Agent Keys are required when deploying CloudMonix diagnostic agents on monitored machines.  CloudMonix Agent when downloaded is already pre-configured with AccountID and primary Agent key.  

Primary or Secondary key can be used by diagnostic Agents to communicate back with CloudMonix.  Users who are looking to perform rolling key operations, can manually switch their agents to Secondary keys, reset the primary key, and then switch their agents back to primary keys.  Primary/Secondary key approach allows roll-over to happen without downtime.

Backup Account Settings

It is understood that setting up sophisticated monitoring policies takes time and effort.  Users who are worried that their monitored profiles may get mis-configured over time can take a backup of their settings off-line.  There are a number of limitations that need to be considered when doing so:

  • Ability to restore the backup is currently available thru support ticket only
  • Due to ongoing changes in CloudMonix, structure of backup files may become obsolete.  Restoration is not guaranteed
  • Information from Credential Vault is not included in the backup.  In case of restoration, credential data (certificates, passwords, etc) will need to be re-entered
  • Internally, CloudMonix data stores are backed up hourly.  If there is a need to go back to older version of settings, paid customers may file a support ticket to restore a copy of their older settings (going back in time to no more than a month)